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Sue Kaufmann

Sue Kaufmann


Dear Robert Bailey, I want to commend and recommend two of your agents, Sue and Shereen: I am a single woman who has been afraid to sell my house for many reasons. I have severe allergies to trees and the mountains had worn me out. I knew Shereen for a long time but never did business with her. Sue and Shereen guided me through the selling process. We sold my house within a week. Finally settled for $15, 000 over asking price. In the meantime we were looking at manufactured homes from Scotts Valley -Watsonville. I am very particular about what I wanted. Finally we found the one in Loma VIsta Estates, which a sale had fallen through already. In the meantime I'm homeless living with my son in Novato. So I also had to go back and forth, Sue was nice enough to let me stay at her place, to help me out! My ride with the Housing Authority and City of Capitola was a roller coaster from hell. They finally got me off this ride by writing letters to the City Council Members of Capitola and even called the Mayor, pleading my case. They were fighting me on my annuity for my old age. The amount of legal paperwork they went through was unbelievable, no wonder you guys use briefcases, that are not so brief! The end result is that we were all determined to get me into my dream home by the beach. Who said you can't fight City Hall! This is my story about the American Dream, not the realty. Thank you for well trained employees that you have working for you, that have stamina and guts! A job well done, P.S. I have palm trees out front and Hawaiian furniture inside.

Jan Rabe (Aloha)

I had the opportunity to retain Sue Kaufmann as a realtor in a very contentious family litigation. Despite the hostility between the parties, Sue was able to maintain relationships with the disputing family members. Sue’s professionalism and knowlege of the real estate market was an important factor in allowing this transaction to close. I have represented many realtors and retained many realtors during the 30 plus years I have been practicing. Sue is a true pro, and I would reccommend her to anybody.

Martin R Deutsh

Attorney at Law

We are writing to strongly recommend Sue Ginsburg and Shereen Ginsburg-Benson as excellent real estate agents. My husband and I were looking for a home in the Aptos area but found what we would be willing to spend was not quite to our liking. Sue and Shereen spent time consulting with us to understand our wants and needs, and then diligently reviewed properties and listings (both paper and in person!) for several weeks. One morning Sue called and said she and Shereen found us THE house, and arranged for us to look at it right away. We immediately ran over to see it and it was exactly what we were looking for. There were no signs and the house was hard to see from the street, so we would have never known about it. Sue and Shereen referred us to a Bailey Properties lender who did an excellent job getting us approved even when the house appraisal came in lower than the listing price. There were issues and negotiating that had to be done with the seller but somehow it all came together beautifully. Sue and Shereen were with us through the entire process, day and night, and were incredibly timely and responsive to any concerns and issues. We have no hesitation in recommend Sue Ginsburg and Shereen Ginsburg-Benson. And we LOVE our new home!

Graham and Joyce Orndorff

I called Bailey Properties one morning and Sue answered the phone. We set up an appointmment and she directed me to a couple of lenders. Once I knew what I was qualified for to purchase, Sue and Shereen found a house just put on the market in the price range and area I wanted, Aptos. There were a few other offers for the property, but somehow Sue and Shereen got my offer accepted even though there was a higher bid.Sue and Shereen met me many times for inspections, a couple of walk throughs on the property, and a huge amount of papers and disclosures so be sighned. We communicated on every step of the way. We had a fast escrow with little to no stress.I also recommended my sister in law who was also looking for property and Sue and Shereen got her into a home in Aptos as well.I highly recommend these ladies, who work very hard, and are very informative and pleasant during the process.

Karl Micotti

I wanted to relate my experience with one of your agents.I had recently entered the real estate market as it was turning from a buyers market to a sellers market. My prospects for finding a nice unit in Santa Cruz was bleak and I was coming to grips with finding a unit outside the city or in Watsonville. I spoke with Sue Kaufmann regarding my goals and concerns and she indicated that she could help me. Within 2 days she called me back indicating she had found a unit in my "most wanted" area and in the exact complex I wanted. But I was flabbergasted when she related her hope for a quick sale. The unit was to be owner financed. In this market I had not heard of an "owner financed" unit in years. Her unique eperince in the Santa Cruz beach area was obvious.Sue navigated a virtual maze of legal requirements, buyer and seller questions, HOA specifics and city codes and was the "fixer" for all problems. She negotiated loan terms in a creative manner so that all parties could come out winners. Her vast experience with loan brokering paved the easiest path for both parties. Mrs Kaufmann provided professional contacts when expert information needed to be to be arranged and never hesitated to seek the wealth of help from her Bailey Properties peers whenever she felt a need for second opinion. She seemed to be everywherefixing issues, providing answers and acted as a personal courier on many occasions. She would deliver papers even as late as 9 PM.It was obvious that Sue enjoyed the service she was providing and was happiest when all parties were serverd. I was able to buy a jewel of a unit in the area and location of my dreams and the deal closed in 29 days. Sue Kaufmann and Bailey Properties are a great team and I was lucky to have the polished professionalism of Sue to create and expedite my dreams.

Aubrey Miller D.C
Westside clinic 930 Mission St. #4
Santa Cruz, Ca 95060 831 462 6400.

Sue and Shereen were referred to me by a good friend. Sue and Shereen, mother and daughter team represented me as a seller on a rental property I own on Lockwood Lane in Scotts Valley.These ladies made sure I got my asking price, negotiated with the buyer on inspection reports, met with contractors and calmed my nerves through the process. There was a ton of paperwork and Shereen and Sue came to my house to go over all the disclosures, reports and contracts. They helped me with questions and gave me information so I could make the right decisions.I really appreciate these ladies and highly recommend them for anyone with real estate needs and of course Bailey Properties. They did a fabulous job.

Helen Nethercutt

Over my forty years in the property management business, I have had many opportunities to deal with Real Estate agents. Normally, I would not take the time to commenty on the quality of the work of any particular agent. After all, there can be a lot of variation in the time, effort, and attention to detail provided by agents and brokerages. That is exactly why I wanted to express my appreciation to Sue Kaufmann of Bailey Properties in Santa Cruz, California.I had recently luiquidated several out-of-state properties and was under the tight time requirements of the 1031 exchange regulations. Knowing that, Sue worked tirelessly over the three months it took to find the perfect property, close the deal. and arrange the financing.Her professionalism and many hours of hard work, along with her knowledge of the community, made for a pleasant and trouble-free purchase. If that weren't enough, after the closing , she was there to help with getting settled in our new home and community.

Stephen H. Guinn - Guinn Properties